Saudi authorities unearth country’s biggest corruption case

The Anti-Corruption Authority in Saudi Arabia arrested 22 people while unearthing the biggest corruption case in the country.

According to the Arab News Agency, the Anti-Corruption Authority has seized more than 600 million Saudi riyals in corruption and arrested 22 people in the case, which is being called the largest corruption case in Saudi Arabia.

As per reports, 13 government employees belonging to the Riyadh municipality have been arrested in this case, while four businessmen and five employees of a contracting company have also been arrested on serious charges of forgery.

During a search of the suspects’ homes, authorities found more than 193 million Saudi riyals in cash, hidden inside the roofs, the mosque’s service room, the water tank, and underground.

In addition, real estate property worth more than 142 million riyals of the arrested accused, which they had built with illegal funds, was also found. The anti-corruption officials have also seized 150 million riyals from the accused’s bank accounts.

During the investigation, it was found out that one of the accused took advantage of his position in the Ministry of Finance and committed corruption of more than 110 million riyals in terms of commercial activities.

Officials say that the other corruption of the accused includes corruption of 2.5 million riyals, including groceries, prepaid cards, fuel cards, and foreign currency.