The influence of Corporates on consumer demand

By: Syed Wajahat Ali and Najeeb Ullah Khan

In this article, we are interested to look upon some tactics & force selling of the corporates to the people. We see nowadays that many things that are around us most of them are useless and even poisonous for human health. But still, the corporates are eager to sell us those products and at high prices. The motive behind this study is to know that how it became possible for the corporates to engage the human psychic so much that we are prone to just ‘Buy More’, while still our needs are being met.

Look around us and see how many things we use daily have an insignificant impact on our daily lives. You see that corporates have somehow made you believe in the world of consumerism. A world that is full of materialistic wishes. Corporates try to engrave the feelings in the minds of the consumers, which includes feelings of superiority, happiness, satisfaction and have made them believe that by somehow using their products/services you’ll get there. Although if we reflect on this situation and look upon it objectively we will see that we don’t need to use a brand new Apple Phone, we don’t have to eat from expensive restaurants, we don’t have to own many gadgets and usually the expensive one’s, we don’t need to eat chips or drink Coca-Cola that is scientifically proven to destroy our health. But still, the power of corporates have so much blinded the consumers that they overlook the flaws of the products and still use it to satisfy their emotions.

Over time the world has evolved into a place where there is a lot of knowledge and information to process and to overdraw conclusions. This has given a strong power in the hands of the people who have access to this information. The studies have evolved and everyone has taken its part in it, Nonetheless, the corporates don’t fall behind. They spend a lot to know about human psychology, so they can sell them their products/services. They Make it Magnetic, look like something that we need. They imprint their idea of their thinking in the minds of people through powerful commercials, activities, and backstories. The main motive behind the minds of the corporate is to become better than their competitors in terms of earning profits, having a greater sphere of influence on their customers & to become a leader in the industry. To look it this way, Nowadays the world has evolved from the traditional way of wars through weapons, etc. Today the world is going through fifth-generation warfare and corporates are playing a big role in it. They have become a lot more powerful. They are not just selling us products, they are exploiting us. They have huge resources to gather the data and to show us the world that they want us to see.

One more thing corporates do and that is Research and development (RnD). Widely assume that companies do research and development because in this they enhance their product but in reality along with doing betterment in the product they also brainstorm for making new unethical strategies to sell their products. In this research and development they make new tactics and things with the help of phycologists that how they can infuse their product in the consumer mind. How the product should be a must-buy in the eyes of the customer.

The corporate does not only brainstorm on selling its product they also do make strategies on recruitment of the employees. Every company wants to lower costs. The main costs that corporates can reduce are the wage or salary and training cost. So they make a list of the skills which they required and handover to universities. Universities design their degree courses accordingly. This gives the benefit to the university that their recruit rate increases. But on the other hand, the student suffers. Students are forced to study courses which they do not like and have the least interest in it. And when they finish their degree they get a job in a corporate but the salaries are lower on average. So what benefits do the corporate get from it? The first thing they get is the robotic mindset of the employees. Students have got the training in universities that how to obey orders from your boss and how to increase your performance by yourself. Companies get one universal mindset which they can use in many different things. One more advantage they get is that they reduce the training costs. It is because in universities they get all the teachings that a recruit gets in the training workshop. So this is the win-win situation for the corporates, that they get highly customized, skilled, and low salary individual for the job.