Veena Malik files petition against ex-husband in FIA’s Cyber Crime Wing

LAHORE- Actress Veena Malik has filed a complaint with the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) against a social media campaign that was tarnishing her reputation.

The revelation from the actress came a few days after an audio clip started doing the rounds on the internet in which the actress allegedly threatens her former husband Asad Khattak.

While her husband Asad Khattak has alleged that the audio clip is indeed of his conversation with Veena Malik in which she threatened and abused him. However, the Pakistani actress alleges that a social media campaign to tarnish her image has been launched against her.

She said that DG FIA cybercrime has registered the case. A campaign is being run against me on social media. I demand action be taken against blackmailing, slander and false allegations against me, she added.

On the other hand her husband, Khattak said that he too had written a letter to the FIA on October 27 concerning his children. “I wrote to FIA to inquire about my children’s Pakistani passports,” he said. “I told them in the letter that my children were kidnapped from Dubai. I haven’t received a response yet,” he added