Impact of real time promotions on consumer behavior

By: Hassan Abbasi and Muhammad Umair Muazzam

We all experience the sentence “Consumer is the real king” in the field of marketing. So, obviously then the behavior of the king will also matter for the marketers. Collectively the word consumer behavior can be impacted by multiple inputs and outputs in the marketing. These multiple things also include the Real time promotions.

Before writing about the impact of real time promotions on consumer behavior, surely you need to know about the real time promotion and consumer behavior. What really consumer behavior means in a simple sentence is “The study of individuals and organizations and how they select and use products and services. It is mainly concerned with psychology, motivations, and behavior”. As for the real time promotions it involved creating a marketing strategy focused on up-to-date events like you have to be updated. Current trends and customer feedback marketer’s use, while working to connect consumers with products and services they could use & also to keep the product into the minds of the customers.

The marketing environment is constantly changing and evolving. With the increase of new software technology and accessibility to technology, there are many new ways to engage with customers. In order to obtain the attention of their consumers, retailers have had to find new ways of interacting and communicating with consumers. In order to achieve this, there has been a movement towards the use of communication methods, such as social media, mobile media and e-mail that not only allow for two way communication between the retailer and the consumer, but also for real-time interaction with consumers. This has led to the introduction of real time promotions as a new marketing tool for retailers. The use of real time promotions as a marketing tool has increased over the past few years. Over the years the ways in which retailers and marketers communicated these messages to their consumers changed. Technology has provided many more interactive means of sending out their messages to their consumers such as real time promotions. Real time promotions refers to the use of various marketing communication media, such as social media, online marketing tools and advertising, to engage with consumers or to respond to relevant current or cultural events in real time.