International Orientalist Conference on the 580th Anniversary of Alisher Navai

On 5-6 February 2021, an International Conference entitledAlisher Navai in the Context of World Orientalists dedicated to the 580th anniversary of the great poet and philosopher Alisher Navai will be held at the Tashkent State University of Oriental Studies (

The conference partners are the Turkic Council, the International Organization of Turkic Culture TURKSOY, the University of Ankara, Marmara University, the University of Ankara Haci Bayram Veli, the University of Allameh Tabatabai,the Kazan Federal University, Kabul University, R.Suleimenov Institute of Oriental Studies together with the diplomatic missions of Turkey, Iran, Azerbaijan and Afghanistan in Uzbekistan.  

Uzbek people and all mankind remember and honor the greatest thinker, genius poet, outstanding statesman Alisher Navai. Eminent poets and scholars considered him their mentor. In his work, the founder of Uzbek literature and literary language called for friendship and mutual understanding. In Navai’s poems there are lines dedicated to the lives of Slavs, Arabs, Armenians, Greeks and other peoples. The poet advocated apeaceful life.

Alisher Navai was a true folk poet. In his poems, he celebrated the best human qualities. He glorified men of duty, love, friendship, patriotism. A thinker dreamed of a just state, that people would live their lives with their labor and not be in bondage.

In Uzbekistan and far beyond, the 580th anniversary of the birth of the great ancestor is widely celebrated. It is gratifying that today, as centuries ago, people read his immortal works with interest and love. Students of educational institutions study them, scientists and teachers dedicate Alisher Navai’s creativity to their scientific research.

In recent years, the Tashkent State University of Oriental Studies has done considerable work in the field of the study and popularization of Navai studies. Here, 6 monographs have been prepared: Introduction to Mastery’; Some symbols and images in the works of “Hamsa” Alisher Navai’; XXI century. Problems of the lyrical heritage of Alisher Navai’; Image of man and his spiritual world in novel “Khairat ul-abror”’;Manuscripts of artistic works of Alisher Navai XV-XVI centuries’; Traditions of writing “Arba’in” in eastern classical literature (on the example of works of Jami, Navai and Fuzuli). A 10-volume monograph entitled Alisher Navai has been published in Uzbek and English within the framework of the State applied project Creation of scientific interpretation and comments of gazelles of the Divan by Alisher Navai “Garoyib us-cigar”; “Garoyib us-cigar” (comments and interpretations). Published collection Wisdom of Navai, in which 30 phrases from work Mahbub ul-kuub translated into 18 languages of the world. The methodical development of Mukhokamat ul-Lugatain, the teaching manual, as well as the computer program on the works of the great poet have been published.

The International Conference, under the chairpersonship of the rector of the TSUOS, Gulchehra Rihsieva, will be attended by 130 speakers from 15 countries representing 60 universities and organizations from Uzbekistan, the United States, France,Sweden, Hungary, Turkey, the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan,Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, India, Pakistan, Egypt, Iran andAfghanistan. The conference will provide the opportunity to identify the current challenges facing scientists in the oriental sciences; to deepen research into the works of Alisher Navaiusing sources of knowledge and text; to deepen research into the peculiarities of poetry, Language and style of labor; Questions of the relationship between the literary heritage of Alisher Navai and the Eastern civilization, ideas of works and development of oriental philosophical knowledge; to consider questions of education and formation of a new generation of orientalists.

We thank partner universities and organizations, diplomatic missions in Uzbekistan, speakers and moderators for supporting and participating in the conference!

Elyor Makhmudov,

Vice-rector for International Cooperation, Tashkent State University of Oriental Studies