Message from the Ambassador of Greece

It is a privilege to serve as Ambassador of Greece to Pakistan. In this context, it is also a  unique honour to address this message of celebration to the people of this friendly country, marking the Bicentenary of the start of the National Struggle for the Independence of Greece.

The history of Greece spans millennia and has known countless moments of glory. The National Struggle for Independence is one of those moments, which we are profoundly proud of. The enormous sacrifices of our forefathers have paved the way for the creation of a democratic state, inspired by the most noble ideals of humanity, in dignity and respect for all.

Having sailed in the stormy seas of the 19th and 20th centuries and having contributed more than her share to the creation of a free world, Greece is now celebrating two hundred years of her existence, as a vibrant, modern State. She is facing courageously the challenges of our times and endeavouring for a bright future.

Let us all rejoice with the people of Greece on this day of celebration and let us work side by side, for a bright future is our common quest.

Andreas Papastavrou

Ambassador of Greece

to the Islamic republic of Pakistan