London Bridge attacker identified as British-born Usman Khan of Pakistani origin

The Metropolitan Police has identified the London Bridge attacker as British national Usman Khan, who was of Pakistani origin.

Khan, a 28-year-old from Staffordshire, was born in London and is of Pakistani ethnicity. The Met police in a statement wrote that the attacker has been identified Khan, who had been residing in the Staffordshire area. The police continued that officers are carrying out searches at an address in Staffordshire.

According to Met Police Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu, Khan was earlier convicted for terrorism offences in 2012. “He was released from prison in December 2018 on licence and clearly, a key line of enquiry now is to establish how he came to carry out this attack,” Basu said in a statement.

On Friday, Khan stabbed two people to death and left three injured before being wrestled to the ground by bystanders and his knife was taken away by them. Calling it a terrorist attack, the British police shot dead Khan, who at the time was wearing a fake suicide vest.

A video posted on Twitter showed police dragging one man off the suspect. One man, wearing a suit and tie, was seen carrying a large knife away from the group. An officer took aim and shot Khan who then stopped moving.