Ali Zafar pays rich tribute to Farhad Humayun

Pakistani star Ali Zafar has paid rich tribute to fellow singer Farhad Humayun, who died on Tuesday morning.

Sharing throwback photos with Farhad, the founder of music band Overload, Ali Zafar tweeted, “Good bye old friend. You were an inspiration for so many. Your contribution to music and in people’s lives cannot be defined in a few lines.”

“You were more than a musician and a performer…you were a fighter… destined for greatness and great you were. R.I.P #farhadhumayun.”

The Mela Loot Liya singer also penned down a sweet poem for Farhad as a tribute to him.

He wrote, “To Fadi: Will you listen to my song, when I’m gone; Will you see me in a shimmering dawn;

Will you honour my life, when I am not there; Will you be excited to see me when death is near;

Will you count the days we spent together; Will you remember me forever?

Ali Zafar -A tribute to Farhan Hamayun”.