Power outage cripples Punjab

Unannounced load shedding continued unabated in Lahore and other cities of Punjab. An average of four hours of unannounced load shedding is going on, due to which the citizens are suffering severely.

Contrary to the claims of Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO) officials in the suburbs of Lahore, unannounced load shedding is increasing instead of decreasing.

There are reports of load shedding exceeding 4 hours in four other cities under LESCO and 6 hours in villages, due to which the problems of the citizens are also increasing.

According to LESCO spokesperson, there is no declared or undeclared load shedding in Lahore. LESCO’s power demand is 4200 MW while supply is also 4200 MW.

LESCO officials claim that due to development works, load shedding is not taking place anywhere except normal load shedding on shutdown and high loss feeders.