When Suniel Shetty opened up about nepotism in Bollywood

MUMBAI (Online): Sushant Singh Rajput’s untimely demise in 2020 reignited the debate of nepotism in Bollywood and it has been raging like wildfire ever since. While some tried to stay away from all of that, some others found themselves caught up in the debate.

In an exclusive interview with ETimes in 2020, Suniel Shetty had opened up about his kids Athiya and Ahan’s acting aspirations, helping new budding new talents and more. Read on…

This whole talk about nepotism hurts. It is something that is there in every field. Is my son or daughter not allowed to dream of becoming an actor just because their father is an actor? Does that mean the dream of that child needs to be squashed? An industrialist’s son dreams of taking over the business after his father. Is that dream wrong? Kids see all the love their parents received from their fans. Is it wrong for them to want the same for themselves? People run to the best school and try all their influences to get their child admission. Is that wrong too? I don’t know where this is coming from.

For them, nepotism itself means that they are a part of it. They ask me if it means that they cannot dream of becoming an actor. They know I didn’t come from a film family. I never got a break from a big banner. Even my kids – Athiya and Ahan got their breaks from somewhere else. It is not that I have forced them into it. It is because people have seen something in them that they have been given an opportunity. Their struggle will continue if they don’t deliver. They might have that advantage of being a star kid in their first film but after that, it is the audience, the subject of their films, their co-actors who finally make or break their career.