Pak delegation to Observe the Uzbekistan elections

Islamabad PEN: A high level reception was hosted by the Ambassador of Uzbekistan Furqat Sidikov held here the other day on account of the Pakistani delegation comprised of parliamentarians, experts and media professionals, visiting Uzbekistan for a week long visit to observe the upcoming parliamentary and local govt elections.

Ambassador Furqat Sidikov while welcoming the delegation briefed over the details regarding elections. He said, Uzbekistan having historical relations with Pakistan intends to benefit as one of the biggest regional democracy, adding, it was Tashkent’s desire to further the brotherly relations therefore this exchange of experts will help in sharing best practices during this visit through various polling stations, talk shows and meetings with politicians. These relations are of high importance for the government of Uzbekistan, he remarked.

Ambassador Furqat hoped Prime Minister Imran Khan would also visit Tashkent which will strengthen the bilateral relations with Pakistan as important regional states of Asia.

Giving further information, The Ambassador informed that five major political parties are contesting where As many as two million newly-registered voters would be casting their votes in the historical elections.