Kinza Hashmi responds to gossip in showbiz: ‘I’m here to work and will continue working’

Actor Kinza Hashmi is candidly speaking about her career aspirations and survival journey in the media industry.

Speaking on Time Out with Ahsan Khan Kinza revealed that becoming an actor was a childhood dream.

“I wanted to be an actor since I was a child,” she began. “But when I got older, people told me I had a nice voice so I should get into singing. My mother used to say that. But then when I started acting, I forgot all about singing because this is what I really want to do. I enjoy it a lot. Playing different characters is so cathartic.”

When asked about excessive trolling and rumors at the hands of gossipmongers, Kinza confessed that her take has always been to ignore unnecessary voices.

“I just laugh at these things and end up ignoring them. I have no answers to the rumours and speculations. I’m here to work and will continue working. People will probably pick things out of this interview as well and frame them out of context. So I don’t take the opinion of the people who don’t matter seriously.”