All Set For OLIY Majlis Elections Today

Twenty million voters to elect the future parliament

TASHKENT, DEC.22 (TAHIR FAROOQ/MOHAMMAD ABBAS KHAN) – Uzbekistan, a country of 33 million is set to elect its parliament today. Twenty millions registered voters will cast their votes.Two million new voters will also be casting vote for the first time.

Five political parties, DEMOCRATIC PARTY, PEOPLES DEMOCRATIC PARTY OF UZBEKISTAN, SOCIAL DEMOCRATIC PARTY AND ECOLOGICAL PARTY will try their fate . It was interesting to know that ELECTION COMMITTEE OF UZBEKISTAN, headed by Mirza Ulughbek Abdul Salamov has given equal opportunities to all the five parties in the run.

OLIY MAJLIS will elect majority candidate as Prime Minister

It is expected that new parliament popularly known as “OLIY MAJLIS” will carry on the reform agenda of President of Uzbekistan.It is also interesting to know that most of the candidates are highly qualified holding PHD Degrees having rich experience of the relevant fields under their belt.

Uzbek nation attaches high hopes to the new parliament. 2019 elections are contested under the slogan “NEW UZBEKISTAN NEW ELECTIONS “