WHO expert criticizes politicizing virus study, recognizes China’s efforts

World Health Organization (WHO) expert Dmitry Lvov has criticized politicization of tracing the coronavirus origins and recognized China’s efforts in virus research.

In an interview with CGTN, the Russian virologist said he has no doubt of the virus’ natural origins, and described those who spread the theory of coronavirus being man-made as “not experts, not professionals.”

“What they are called are political scientists,” Lvov told CGTN. “Our president Vladimir Putin said very aptly that now all political scientists have turned into virologists.”

As an expert working at the WHO, Lvov said: “I cannot answer for those actions and for those statements that come from the World Health Organization. There are also different people there, they are under great pressure, including, in my opinion, great pressure from the U.S.”

He added: “The Americans are engaged in some works and attempt to suppress virologists like us from telling what is really happening. In fact, we know this much better than they [do].”

Lvov said he only deals with facts. He said he knew as a fact that the virus antibodies have been found in multiple cities around the world before the COVID-19 outbreak.

He recognized China had been a role model in containing the pandemic with many research institutes in the country able to analyze the virus in a fast fashion and share the results.