PM to chair NSC meeting today over Afghan current situation

ISLAMABAD (PEN) – Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan will preside over National Security Council (NSC) meeting today (Monday) to hold a high level consultation on the current situation in Afghanistan, PEN reported.

According to sources, the NSC meeting will review the overall regional situation especially in Afghanistan. The top level civilian and military leaders will attend the meeting.

On the other hand, in view of the rapidly changing situation in the region, the political leadership of Afghanistan arrived in Pakistan. Afghan Speaker Mir Rahman Rahmani is also part of the delegation. Prime Minister s Special Representative for Afghanistan Muhammad Sadiq welcomed the guests.

According to sources, the Afghan delegation also includes Mohammad Yunis Qanuni, Ustad Mohammad Karim, Ahmad Zia Massoud, Ahmad Wali Massoud, Abdul Latif Pedram and Khalid Noor.

During the visit, the Afghan political leaders will hold meetings with Pakistan officials and discuss the post-Taliban situation in Afghanistan.