Ambassador Haque thanks Chinese entrepreneur for assistance against pandemic

Moin ul Haque, the Pakistani Ambassador to China, sends a letter of thanks to Huang Yuhao, a Chinese entrepreneur, whose enterprise has donated 100,000 facial masks to Pakistan.

HEFEI,– “It is a great honor for us to help and support Pakistani brothers and sisters within our capacity,” said Huang Yuhao, a Chinese, whose enterprise has donated 100,000 facial masks to Pakistan.

Huang made the remarks after he had received a letter of thanks from Moin ul Haque, the Pakistani Ambassador to China for the donation to Pakistan in June 2021.

In the letter, Haque expressed that Huang’s donation enhances Pakistan’s capacity to efficiently combat the COVID-19 pandemic. The Pakistan-China cooperation during the pandemic has made another glorious chapter to the 70 years of bilateral ties.

According to Huang’s Anhui Health Box Technology Corporation, the donated 100,000 facial masks consisted of 10,000 inactivated COVID-19 masks, and 20,000 fully degradable polylactic acid antibacterial masks and 70,000 N95 surgical masks, in a bid to help Pakistanis contain the pandemic.

Huang said, “As an enterprise producing epidemic prevention materials, it is Health Box’s duty to make the donation. We hope the needed supplies could ease the shortage of medical materials in Pakistan and help our Pakistani sisters and brothers contain the pandemic.”

“We are very glad to hear that this donation could contribute to the China-Pakistan ironclad friendship as this year marks the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the two nations’ diplomatic relationships,” Huang added.

Besides donation, Health Box also plans to cooperate with relevant parties in Pakistan to explore the European market in healthcare sector.

According to Health Box, the donated products to Pakistan in June included the medical copper oxide novel coronavirus inactivated masks, which are its self-developed and meet the European standard.

So far, Health Box has obtained CE certification of the European Union, MDA of Malaysia, CIBG of Netherlands and other related certifications.

Since the inception of the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic, Health Box has distributed over hundreds of millions of masks to more than 30 countries and regions. Health Box has also made many donations home and abroad.

Huang said he and Health Box would continue to make contributions to the whole world in the fight against COVID-19.