‘Sajal Aly is nobody’s friend’: Yasir Hussain

Actor Yasir Hussain says Lollywood is not a place to make friends.

The Lahore Se Aagey star, who tested positive for COVID-19 this week, engaged in a Q & A session with his fans this Thursday and shared a glimpse of his quarantine life featuring wife Iqra Hussain and son Kabir Hussain.

“Sawal Poochen,” he simply wrote on his Instagram Stories, after which his social media followers started to send in their questions for the actor.

One such question, that really sparked frenzy amongst fans was around Yasir’s friendship with actor Sajal Aly.

“Are you and Sajal friends?,” asked the fan to which Yasir responded, “Sajal is nobody’s friend and that’s her most admirable quality. This industry is not a good place for friendships.”

Sajal Aly is nobodys friend: Yasir Hussain

Another fan asked Yasir who is his best friend in the industry and the actor tagged director Wajahat Rauf on his Instagram Story. The duo has done multiple films together.