China’s Magnanimous offer to Reconstruct Afghanistan


Tahir Farooq | Updated 4th September


China has offered to help bring peace and reconstruction to Afghanistan, urging the Taliban to form a coalition government and cut ties with terrorist organizations. This was stated by Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbinin a media briefing. According to foreign news agencies. The spokesman was asked whether Beijing would recognize the government, which is expected to be announced in a few days. “China hopes that all parties in Afghanistan will respect the aspirations of the Afghan people and the expectations of the international community, build an open and participatory political system, adopt moderate policies and fight terrorism,” said Wang.

It is a fact that China’s role and importance in global and regional politics can no longer be ignored. China has achieved this position through its hard work and hard work, in which the current Chinese President Xi Jinping has the most important role. They took tremendous revolutionary steps to eradicate both poverty and corruption from their country. From 2012 to 2020, in eight years, nine and a half million corrupt government officials have been fired and severely punished. Most of these officers held key promises, including ministers.

The purpose of this preamble is to show that no society can thrive on oppression and corruption. This is the case in Afghanistan. According to reports, the market for corruption was on a high in Afghanistan along with tyranny.

It should be considered as the good fortune of the countries of the region that there is a global economic power like China. China’s agenda is economic development. China itself is developing and wants other countries to grow economically. To date, China has not occupied an inch of any country’s land, but respects the borders of neighboring countries. In this context, China’s offer to rebuild Afghanistan is a golden opportunity for the Taliban leadership. China has made progress in every field and Afghanistan can take full advantage of its development and eradicate poverty. China calls on Taliban leadership to eliminate terrorist organizations. The world is asking them again and again. In the past, they were fighting against the United States and the United States was calling them terrorists. Now they are the same Taliban who were handed over to Afghanistan by the United States today, in a way accepting the Taliban as legitimate rulers. The Taliban also understand that the resistance, struggle is easy and running the government is very difficult. Now that they are in the driving seat and accountable to their people, they will certainly refrain from any action that would add to their problems. Building and developing Afghanistan should now be their top agenda. If Afghanistan joins the CPEC and the Belt and Road project, economic activity in Afghanistan will begin. Strengthening Afghanistan’s infrastructure is not a difficult task for Chinese construction companies around the world, which are winning large contracts on merit because of their world-class standards. Afghanistan and Pakistan are important because of their location. Both countries can benefit from this.

As far as terrorist organizations are concerned, there is no justification for the current leadership of Afghanistan to keep in touch with them. Their struggle lasted until the withdrawal of foreign troops from his country, which they had achieved. The real challenge for the Taliban now is economic recovery. Now the test of their understanding and political savvy will begin. This will play a key role in getting their government recognized. In this case, the Taliban leadership should take advantage of China’s offer. China will wait for the government to be formed in Kabul and only then will the question of its recognition arise.