Tashkent State University of Oriental Studies is to hold International Сonference in Istanbul

On September 29-30, 2021 International Conference on “Scientific Heritage of Mahmud Kashgari and its place in the development of Turkology of the third millennium” will be held in Istanbul by Tashkent State University of Oriental Studies, the Secretariat of the Turkic Council, Istanbul and Marmara Universities.

Mahmud Kashgari’s “Dīvānu Luğāti-t-Türkis one of the oldest scientific researches on the study of the Turkic language. The basic laws of phonetics and etymology of Turkic languages were identified and studied by Mahmud Kashgari in the XI century. The lexicology and lexicography of Turkish linguistics was also founded by Mahmud Kashgari, whose work is called “Turkish encyclopedia”.

In recent days in Istanbul there were held working meetings with partner organization and universities in order to organize the upcoming conference.  

On September 22 at Istanbul University views were exchanged on the opening ceremony of the conference and the content of its first day with Dr. Emin Yildizli, Deputy Director of the Institute of Turkology and Dr. Ayse Zisan Furat, Head of the International Office of the University. It should be noted that the opening ceremony of the conference will take place in the building of the Rector’s Office of Istanbul University, in the historic building where Sultan of the Ottomans held meetings on military issues.

On September 23 the content of the second day of the conference which is to be held at Marmara University and of the closing ceremony were discussed with a team led by Dr. Okan Esilot, Director of the Institute of Turkology at the university.

On September 24 at the Turkic Council the conference agenda and the presentation of the monograph on Dīvānu Luğāti-t-Türkby TSUOS Professor Dr. K. Sodikov, published in Turkey with the financial support of the organization, were discussed with Dr. Mirvohid Azimov, the Deputy Secretary General of the Secretariat and Bobur Tagaev, Project Director.  It should be noted that one of the branches of the conference will be at the Turkic Council, the first scientific conference to be held at the residence.

More than 30 scientists from Uzbekistan, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, the USA, Russia, Ukraine and Iran are expected to attend the conference.A group of TSUOS scientists headed by Dr. Gulchehra Rikhsieva, university Rector will visit Istanbul to deliver lectures at the conference.

The comprehensive study of this work, which is one of the main scientific sources of Turkologists, is a topical issue of modern Turkology.

Dr. Elyor Makhmudov,

Vice-Rector, TSUOS