Newly elected KMT chairman Eric Chu vows to resume exchanges with the Chinese mainland

Eric Chu Li-luan, the newly elected chairman of the Chinese Kuomintang (KMT) said he will strive to resume exchanges with the Chinese mainland, highlighting the importance of cross-strait relations.

Chu made the remarks on Saturday during a victory speech at a press conference held at the KMT headquarters in Taipei, southeast China’s Taiwan.

Chu, who is a former New Taipei City mayor, said he remains committed to the spirit of seeking common ground while shelving differences on cross-strait issues.

“Actions are more important than words and let’s wait and see,” Chu told reporters.

He defeated three other contenders, including incumbent KMT chairman Johnny Chiang Chi-chen, on Saturday’s KMT chairmanship election, wining 85,164 votes, or 45.78 percent of the total.

Chiang has congratulated Eric Chu on his victory in the election.

The voter turnout was 50.71 percent.