Pakistan to pay heavy price for being an ally of US in War on Terror: Shireen Mazari

LAHORE: (PEN) – PTI Minister for Human Rights Shireen Mazari in her tweet with a following of 1.8M on Twitter said, “So again Pakistan will be made to pay heavy price 4 being an ally of US in its “War on Terror” as a Bill (see pp 25-26) is introduced in US Senate in aftermath of the US s chaotic Afghan withdrawal followed by collapse of ANA & Ashraf Ghani s flight to UAE.”


She reprimanded that 20 years of presence by economically & militarily powerful US & NATO left behind chaos with no stable governance structures. Pakistan is now being scapegoated for this failure. This was never our war; we suffered 80000 casualties, a dessimated economy, over 450 drone attacks by our US “ally” & disastrous fallout of these attacks on our tribal ppl & area.


Mazari inquired, Where did $2 trillion disappear? Why did the heavily-invested-in ANA simply dissolve? Who asked Pak to free TTA ldrship? Who signed Doha agreement with TTA & hosted them in DC? US senate should do serious introspection.


PTI Minister concluded her tweet by saying, Enough is enough. It is time for those powers who were present in Afghanistan to look to their own failures instead of targeting Pakistan which paid a heavy price in lives lost, social & economy costs, refugees – all for being an ally & suffering constant abuse, in a war that was not ours.