PM tasks FIA to investigate those who stole funds from road construction projects

Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that he has directed the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) to investigate those who stole funds from road construction projects.

Addressing the groundbreaking ceremony of rehabilitation and upgradation of Balochistan’s Jhaljao-Bela Road on Wednesday, the PM said that the country has suffered a loss due to the previous government, adding that the per-kilometre cost for the project is now cheaper than the cost in Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz’s tenure.


The PM wondered if the previous government had made roads at the same rate as today, how much money Pakistan would have saved for more roads.

“I have given the FIA the mandate to investigate and bring before the nation who is responsible,” he said.

He further said that this project will be important for Balochistan, adding that the province cannot develop unless roads are built.

“Balochistan’s development will be beneficial for Pakistan’s development,” the PM said. But he added that as long as governments think of the next election, the country cannot see progress in the province.

Unfortunately, PM Imran added, politicians in Balochistan are also at fault, saying that they are only concerned about winning seats in the election. “Instead of thinking about their constituencies, if the politicians thought about Balochistan, then the situation in the province might have been better,” Khan said.

“I would like to say in the presence of Balochistan Chief Minister Jam Kamal that my government’s ideology is that a country cannot develop unless there is equitable development.

“Since my government came into governance, we have endeavoured to help underdeveloped areas.”

Jhal Jaho Bela road

The Jhal Jaho Bela is an 80-kilometre road project which will be completed by the National Highway Authority and will be completed in three years at a cost of over Rs 11 billion.

Once completed, the project will augment the socio-economic as well as industrial, trade, agriculture, tourism and cultural activities in Balochistan.

Jhal Jaho Bela road is also of immense importance to promote trade links with Iran, Afghanistan and Central Asian States.