Pak-China need to work together to counter disinformation: Chinese foreign ministry

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying said on Wednesday that China and Pakistan need to work together to fight back against disinformation, and asked the other countries to join hands to enhance mutual trust and coordination to tackle the issue of fake news.

Disinformation spread by some countries has only created chaos and undermined solidarity and cooperation among nations, she said while addressing the China-Pakistan Media Forum held via video link.

Terming disinformation as the common enemy of mankind, she remarked that China and Pakistan needed to work together to fight back against disinformation at all forums.

The first China-Pakistan Media Forum was held with the thematic objective of strengthening China-Pakistan relations through informed dialogue under the auspices of the Institute of Peace and Diplomatic Studies (IPDS) in Islamabad.

The spokesperson said that the participants of the forum called on media of the two countries to step up cooperation to combat disinformation, stressing that this is highly relevant in the current situation.

While addressing the Forum, Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan Nong Rong said that China and Pakistan were facing strong media propaganda and disinformation.

The ambassador recommended that media on both sides should work to promote truth, justice, and fairness and become a positive force for regional peace and stability.

He said some external forces are trying to undermine the development of China and Pakistan systematically.

Ambassador Nong also proposed ways to strengthen Pak-China media collaboration.

In his video address, Pakistan Ambassador to China Moin-ul-Haque said that media was not just the source of information in this digital age, but also a powerful source to influence public opinions and international relations.

During the forum, Chinese and Pakistani media pledged to counter negative propaganda through enhanced communications and stronger linkages by creating the China-Pakistan Media Corridor.