CJP Gulzar berates Balochistan IGP over missing persons

Chief Justice of Pakistan Gulzar Ahmed berated Balochistan Inspector General of Police (IGP) Mohammad Tahir Rai on Thursday over his failure to recover a missing person belonging to the Hazara community, terming the situation a “business of injustice” that had “brought the country to the brink of disaster”.

CJP Gulzar made the remark during a three-member hearing of a suo motu case about targeted killings of the Hazara people and an appeal seeking recovery of missing persons.

During the hearing, the wife of one of the missing persons informed CJP that her husband was missing since 2013 while the provincial police had freed the suspect in the case.

After hearing this, CJP Gulzar turned to IGP and asked: “What is this — a person has been missing for seven years and police have not done anything?”

In response, the IGP informed the court that the case was under investigation with Levies for three years.

“What did you do after you received the case?” CJP asked. “Police have no interest in investigating.”

When the IGP informed the Supreme Court that the missing person would be recovered soon, CJP Ahmed said: “Why were you given the uniform?

You do not care about anybody,” he remarked.

Advocate general of Balochistan informed the court that the inquiry would be completed if the missing person’s family cooperated with the authorities. Responding to the, the chief justice said that the families would only cooperate if they trusted authorities.

“Evidence of a crime disappears within 24 hours. The police keep waiting for [bribes] to start investigating. You (police) do not respect the sanctity of your uniform. The police do not do what they are assigned to do [but] start doing something else.

“A business of injustice is being operated. The country has been brought to the brink of disaster. Whichever suspect is brought to the [court] is acquitted because the investigation is incorrect,” CJP remarked.

Adjourning the case, CJP directed officials to recover and present the missing person from the Hazara community at the next hearing.