PM for strict enforcement of law to recover land from mafia

ISLAMABAD (PEN) – Prime Minister Imran Khan on Thursday said that strict enforcement of law should be ensured for recovering of occupied land.

A meeting of the National Coordinating Committee for Housing and Construction was held under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Imran Khan. The meeting was attended by Minister of State for Information and Broadcasting Farrukh Habib, Special Assistant Dr Shahbaz Gill and concerned senior officers.

The prime minister was informed in the briefing that Farash Town and other infrastructure projects under New Pakistan Housing will be completed soon. The digitalization of forest land records in Islamabad is also almost complete.

The meeting was also given a detailed briefing on cadastral mapping by the Surveyor General.

It was informed during the briefing that work on digital mapping and identification of government lands is in full swing across the country including Islamabad and Lahore.

The meeting was also briefed on Special / Site Development Zones, while, the development zones will ensure the provision of basic services to Perry Urban Settlements.

It was informed during the briefing that the project would also help in better use of land and prevention of illegal societies.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said that the government was ensuring the protection of forest lands for environmental protection, adding that food security and climate change were currently the most important issues in the world, including Pakistan.

He said that the government was taking steps to relinquish the occupied land and strict enforcement of law should be ensured for relinquishing the occupied land. Cadastral mapping will make it possible to identify dead capital and make better use of it.