CPEC to help Pakistan improve its socio-economic well being

Pakistan Economic Corridor is one example where China is supporting countries like Pakistan to come out of poverty, says an article carried by China Economic Net .

The article cited a white paper titled ‘China’s Epic Journey from Poverty to Prosperity’ issued by the State Council Information Office, which explains the Chinese notion of “Xiaokang”. It refers to an adequate level of prosperity in all aspects of life and reflects the long-held dream of the Chinese nation.

This white paper examines Chinese policies and their results at the social level which have helped the Chinese government to uplift 100 million people out of poverty and achieve significant economic growth.The white paper explains the heroic struggle of Chinese people over all these years and answers a whole range of questions regarding Chinese ideological beliefs, development vision, and determination to act and achieve sustainable growth in the future. This special white paper acknowledges the fact that adequate prosperity cannot be achieved unless it covers every development sector.Hence, this paper gives deep insight into politics, economy, culture, society, environment, climate change, and security and specifies the aspects that help achieve this degree of prosperity.

The emergence of Xiaokang society is only possible in a nation that is void of conflicts and wars. As China is the most populous country in the world, Xiaokang bears the responsibility to uphold standards of prosperity, peace, and development for not only China but also for the world at large.President Xi noted in his keynote address to CPC in February 2021 that China has eradicated extreme poverty and uplifted 10 million people out of poverty per year since the 18th Congress of CPC in 2012. It is pertinent to highlight that China has met the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development 10 years ahead of schedule, i.e., in 2020.

It is pertinent to mention that China’s health care system involves 1.35 billion people while the pensions for retired civil servants cover 1 billion yuan. China has also built 80 million houses for 200 million people. The white paper explains in-depth the entire process of how China has been able to achieve the dream of becoming a moderately prosperous society.

This progress assisted China to bridge the wealth gap in society, expand public services, and raise the consumption of local and cultural products to boost made-in-China products. This white paper further explains that China is not a self-centric nation. It achieves development with a deep sense of responsibility. China has assisted the international community to eradicate poverty.We have seen that through its foreign direct investment and other programs including the “Belt and Road” Initiative. China Pakistan Economic Corridor is one such an example where China is supporting countries like Pakistan to come out of poverty. In this manner, it has contributed to global peace by eradicating poverty and denying any extremist ideology to gain grounds.