Kabul wants friendly ties with Tajikistan, says Afghan ministry

KABUL: Afghanistan’s Ministry of Information and Culture Wednesday confirmed that diplomatic efforts were underway to defuse tensions between Kabul and neighbouring Tajikistan, PEN reported.

Rohullah Omari, a member of the cultural commission of the ministry, called Tajikistan a good neighbor. “The Foreign Ministry is in touch with all countries and is working for facilitation of good ties,” he said, adding that they will have discussions with Tajikistan on all issues.

Kabul, however, will not allow Afghanistan’s soil to be violated by any country, the official added.

Travel between the two countries at the border is no longer possible. Stranded people say that they have spent several days trying to get across the border.

“The refugees come from Badakhshan to Takhar and from here they want to go to Shirkhan port but it is also shut,” said Fawad, a displaced person.