‘There’s no better combination’: Babar Azam on his partnership with Mohammad Rizwan

Pakistan skipper Babar Azam has said that there is no better opening combination than him and Mohammad Rizwan, as the duo has achieved several records during the running year.

“‘There’s no better combination,” Babar told ESPN during an interview, as the publication reported that he was “almost offended he even needs to justify it”.

The skipper told ESPN that the duo tries to put up good runs on the board for the batters who come after them, adding that they had understood each other’s game over the year.

“We communicate well, and if he’s struggling to tee off, I go after the bowlers, and if I’m struggling, he does the same. We’ve built on that very well, and you’ll have noticed when we bat together we have built big partnerships,” Azam said.

According to ESPN, Rizwan’s stats are “bewildering”, as he has scored seven 50s, a hundred in 14 innings this year. Meanwhile, the duo have a score of an average of 52.1 runs per innings, during the 10 occasions that they have opened for Pakistan, neither of them has a score of below 35.

“When together, they have scored at 9.16 runs per over, nearly a full run better than the two other opening combinations Pakistan have tried this year: Rizwan and Sharjeel Khan (8.23), and Rizwan and Haider Ali (8.27),” the publication added.