Digital Media Wing, Actively Projecting a Positive Image of Pakistan


Digital media wing was formed in August 2020 under Information ministry. The purpose of forming digital media wing was to encounter the fake news circulating on the social media against the state and to show narrative of Pakistan to the entire world through social media platforms. DMW is working with the ministries and state departments so that they can show their work to the masses through social media. DMW is a transparent department working hardly to show the narrative of state and to enhance the image of Pakistan through social media platforms.


Maarij Farooq, Deputy Editor Daily Ittehad and PEN with GM, DMW Imran Ghazali.


DMW is also in direct coordination with Public Relations Officers (PROs) and are responsible for assisting, covering and creating content for all the activities, press conferences, events, updates and information directly coming from Federal Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, Federal Ministers and Prime minister’s Office on all social media accounts.




Interactive media sessions are also being organized by DMW. This is a format show introduced by digital media wing to connect top rated digital media broadcasters and journalists with the highest government authorities. Journalists in this session ask government ministers and SAPMs questions that are mainly asked by the general public. The purpose of this initiative is to convey the government perspective on most current and influential concerns and connect them with the common people of Pakistan