Ambassador of Kazakhstan visited the homes of ethnic Kazakhs in Karachi

Karachi, October 15, 2021 – On the final, fourth day of visit to Karachi, the Ambassador of Kazakhstan visited the homes of ethnic Kazakhs who moved to Pakistan, familiarized himself with their way of life, held talks with representatives of elders. According to their information, today there are 40 families with a total population of 285 people. Due to their social and financial situation, they were asked to assist in returning to their historical homeland. At the same time, due to the lack of documents certifying their identity, the Ambassador informed about the need to study this issue with the authorized agencies of Kazakhstan.
Further, at a meeting with the leadership of the NJV School, established in October 1855, Y.Kistafin was introduced to the educational process of the educational institution, its innovations in the school curriculum. The target group of this school are children from low-income families. Following the meeting, an agreement was reached to consider possible directions for the development of cooperation.

During the visit to the Pakistan Institute of International Affairs, which is the oldest independent research center of Pakistan, established in 1947, the Ambassador informed about the current priorities for the development of bilateral cooperation between the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, placing special emphasis on the need to establish partnerships between the think tanks of the two countries. The head of the Institute, Ms. Dr. Masuma Hasan, supported the proposals, suggesting organizing joint research.
On the same day, the Ambassador was received by the Governor of Sindh Province, Mr. Imran Ismail, during the meeting issues of increasing cooperation with regional authorities, as well as establishing twinning relations between the financial capitals of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Islamic Republic of Pakistan were discussed.

For his part, the Head of the province expressed readiness to provide all possible assistance in building up bilateral cooperation.
In order to study the experience of the host country in the medical industry, Y.Kistafin visited the Indus Hospital, which provides its services to the population of those in need on a free basis. The management of the institution informed the delegation in detail about the activities of the multifunctional medical center, the feature of which is paperless (electronic) document management, which greatly facilitates the activities, as well as the process of improving the provision of medical services to patients.
In general, the four-day visit to Karachi demonstrated the high interest of both official and business circles in increasing cooperation with Kazakhstan.
In total, 30 meetings were held in three and a half days. Ambassador Y.Kistafin expresses special gratitude to Mr. Dr. Mirza Ikhtiar Baig and Mr. Shamas Ur Rehman for their invaluable assistance in organizing and conducting a successful visit.