CPEC has brought investment, created jobs for Pakistanis, says Ambassador Nong Rong

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ISLAMABAD (PEN) –  Since establishment of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), the government of China has brought $25.4 billion investment to Pakistan with more than 70,000 jobs, said Nong Rong, Ambassador of China to Pakistan while addressing 4th Exchange Mechanism Conference under China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) Consortium of Universities.

According to Ambassador Nong Rong, for six consecutive years China has remained the top trading partner of Pakistan, adding that “seventh consecutive year China became the first investment source country of Pakistan”.

He said that moving into new era, especially after the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) by Chinese President Xi Jinping, he was glad to see the birth of CPEC. “CPEC has been promoting the comprehensive cooperation between two countries covering all areas and now we’re moving into an even broader and even deepening phase,” he added.

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“CPEC projects including the Port of Gwadar, energy, transport, infrastructure, agriculture, industry and technology were much needed and respected by their Pakistani counterparts.”

He said that CPEC was moving towards a new era of high-quality development to help the “betterment of Pakistani local people”. Nong Rong said, “The CPEC projects bring the economic and social development to a higher level.” He said that they witnessed broad cooperation in higher education exchanges.

The Chinese envoy said that CPEC Consortium of Universities was a great initiative between the two countries that will bring another wave of study in China and Pakistan. “The consortium has contributed greatly to the CPEC quality development and also brings our civilization to a higher level,” he added.

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