T20 World Cup: Kohli admits tickets for Pakistan-India match priced ‘ridiculously high’

Pakistan-India encounters have always been larger than life, never just a game of cricket or any other sport.

Talking to The Hindu Indian skipper Virat Kohli, ahead of the much-awaited match between arch-rival Pakistan and India in the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2021, Kohli said: “I have always approached this game as just another game of cricket.”

Commenting on the expensive tickets, the Indian skipper acknowledged the hype created for this particular match.

“There is a lot of hype created around this game more so with ticket sales and the demands of tickets and right now, the value of those tickets is ridiculously high,” he said, adding that it is all that he knows.

“My friends are asking me whether there are tickets left, right and centre, and me saying no. It’s probably the only change that I experience from any other game,” he said, in a reply to a question whether the India-Pakistan encounter is the top game for an Indian in a World Cup.

Kohli told the Indian publication that for them it is a game of cricket that has to be played in the right way, “in the way we know we can”.

However, the star cricketer did not deny the fact that the overall buzz is different.

“Yes, the environment is different on the outside from the fans’ perspective, it is definitely louder, definitely more excitement in the air,” he said, adding that apart from that, from the players’ point of view, “we stay as professional as we can and always approach this game in the most normal way possible.”