BTS’ members unload over $8 Million worth of HYBE’s shares

BTS members made a sale of $8 million worth of their agency HYBE’s shares which they received in September of 2020.

According to the reports making rounds, the group’s members, RM, Jin and J-Hope made sold the stock in mid of October.

Out of the sold shares, 16000 shares worth $4.1 million belonged to Jin; 5,601 shares worth $1.57 million to J-Hope, and 10,385 shares worth $2.75 million to RM.

At the time the members cashed out of their portion, per-share value was around $280.40.

Bloomberg reported that the three K-pop idols unloaded around 31, 986 combines shares just before the septets’ Permission To Dance on Stage shows in Los Angeles, followed by their hot win at the recent American Music Awards.

Earlier, last year, the company’s founder Bang Si-hyuk gifted the seven members 68,385 shares that jumped a whopping $358.16 each last month.