Tunisia envoy hopes for finalization of Pak-Tunisia proposed PTA

ISLAMABAD (APP) – Deputy Head of Mission of Tunisia to Pakistan, Ms Dorsaf Maaroufi Arfaoui  said that there is a bright prospect of Preferential Trade Agreement (PTA) between Pakistan and Tunisia, which has the potential to expand bilateral trade between the two countries.

There have been several rounds of negotiation between the two countries on finalizing the PTA, and also an exchange of potential trade lists between the two countries in start of negotiation and now in last few round both sides were closer to finalize the agreement, Dorsaf Maaroufi Arfaoui told APP.

The Deputy Head of Mission of Tunisia to Pakistan said that trade between the two countries is likely to double in the near future after the PTA is finalized.

She said that Tunisia is a country of great importance in terms of geographic proximity, which is one side connected to developed European countries and on the other side at the crossroads of emerging African markets, which could create opportunities for Pakistani economy and trade.

In the same way, Pakistan is a country of great geo-strategic importance connected with the Middle East and Central Asia on the one hand, and the world’s largest economy on the other, makes its geographical integration with China even more important economically and commercially.

She said that Tunisia’s trade and economy is largely dependent on European markets and that Tunisia has adhered to many trade agreements with European countries.

Tunisia is also a member of the African Union, a trade bloc of African countries, and part of the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) of African countries, so “we have to consider a number of factors regarding foreign trade.”

Ms Dorsaf said that after the year 2012, the volume of trade between Pakistan and Tunisia remained at its peak till the year 2020-22 in which there is room for further improvement.

Senior diplomat said that Pakistan Exports to Tunisia was US$13.41 million during 2020, according to the United Nation, database on international trade.