Taliban govt has to be recognized sooner or later: PM Imran

ISLAMABAD (PEN) – Prime Minister Imran Khan on Tuesday said that there is no other option after than recognizing the Taliban government in Kabul in greater interest of the people of the country.

In an interview, PM Imran Khan said that Pakistan cannot recognize Afghan government on its own and urged the regional countries to play their part. Afghanistan has faced issues for the past 40 years but now the violence has ended in the country, he added.

Responding to a question about human rights situation in Afghanistan, PM Imran Khan said that Afghans are very proud people and no one can push them as they hate outsiders. If western style women rights are being demanded, this is not going to happen in Afghanistan, he added.

Talking about security concerns of Pakistan including TTP and Baloch separatists, PM said Pakistan believes that stable Afghan government will reduce chances of the terrorist organization operating in the country.