FIA arrests journalist Mohsin Baig over criticism of govt

ISLAMABAD (PEN) –Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) Cyber Wing has arrested journalist Mohsin Baig over criticism of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government.

According to details, the journalist was arrested from his residence in the federal capital. Son of Mohsin Baig has also confirmed the arrest .

On the other hand, FIA has claimed that Mohsin Baig resisted the arrest and opened fire on the team injuring one personnel of FIA.

Following the arrest, Baig s lawyer filed a petition against the illegal detention of the journalist.

The court appointed a bailiff, ordering the authorities to produce Baig in court.

The lawyer informed the judge that people in plainclothes came to his house earlier today and took the journalist with them.

The journalist and his family members sought arrest warrants and search warrants from the SP and DS; however, they defied all requests.

The lawyer further added that the officials in plainclothes smashed mobile phones and hit the children at the house, taking Baig with them.