Rupee gains 10 paisa against dollar

ISLAMABAD (PEN) – Exchange rate of the Pakistan rupee strengthened by 10 paisas against the US dollar in the interbank trading on Wednesday and closed at Rs175.67 against the previous day’s closing of Rs 175.77.

According to the Forex Association of Pakistan (FAP), the buying and selling rates of US dollar in the open market were recorded at Rs 176.5 and Rs 177.9 respectively.

Similarly, the price of the euro was appreciated by 41 paisas and closed at Rs 199.84 against the previous day’s closing of Rs 199.43.

The Japanese Yen remained unchanged to close at Rs 1.52, whereas a decrease of 17 paisas was witnessed in the exchange rate of British Pound, which was traded at Rs238.13 as compared to its last closing of Rs 238.30.

The exchange rates of Emirates Dirham and Saudi Riyal decreased by 03 paisas to close at Rs 47.82 and Rs 46.81 respectively.