Pakistani, Chinese kids celebrate the Spring Festival

ISLAMABAD (PEN) : Pakistani and Chinese kids celebrated the advent of spring season in a unique style as they kept on dancing to the tune of music and demonstrated their talent in different ways.

In the Preparatory School Islamabad (PSI) annual spring festival, little kids as well as students of higher classes presented tableau, stage dramas, and recited poems. There was also a display of physical powers during the celebrations.

Away from the high drama of no-confidence motion and power politics, the children were seen busy celebrating the spring festivals and teaching the lesson of tolerance and acceptability of each other to elders.

During the course of the events, students recited Hamd and Naat apart from singing national songs like “Dil Dil Pakistan” and many more. The students also attracted applause from the audience by reciting the poem “Lassi Aur Chai” by famous humorist poet, Professor Anwar Masood.

Children were turned into flowers, butterflies, honeybees, and other characters, wearing colorful costumes. They sang the songs of friendship with the moral lesson that we should spread friendship and love instead of hatred and animosity.