‘Will come under pressure? Opponents are mistaken’: PM

ISLAMABAD (PEN) – Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan on Thursday said that the opposition is mistaken if it thinks that I will come under pressure.

Imran Khan said that the public will tell on March 27 who they are with, the no-confidence motion will not succeed, and they will fight the mafia till the end. A meeting of the Political Committee was held under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Imran Khan.

The legal team also met Imran Khan and reviewed the political situation in the country. Meanwhile the contacts with allied parties and members were also reviewed.

According to sources, Prime Minister was briefed about the hearing on the presidential reference in the Supreme Court, while the government has prepared a strategy for the National Assembly session.

During the meeting, the strategy for the March 27 was developed. It was decided that the senior party leaders will lead rallies from their constituencies. Hamad Azhar from Lahore, Pervez Khattak from Peshawar, Sheikh Rashid and Amir Kayani from Rawalpindi, Fawad Chaudhry Jhelum, Murad Saeed from Swat, Farrukh Habib from Faisalabad and Ali Zaidi from Sindh will reach Islamabad with the rally.

According to sources, the Prime Minister has distributed important tasks to the senior leadership of the party. Party workers will be given a meeting time of 3 p.m. PTI members of National and Provincial Assemblies will also attend the meeting.The Prime Minister has directed all officials of the party to make full preparations for the meeting.

PM urges nation to attend PTI s March 27 gathering in Islamabad

Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan has made an impassioned appeal to the entire nation to come out and join his gathering to be held on Sunday in Islamabad to give a message that they stand against the vice of horse trading.

In a video message on Thursday, he pointed out that a particular group has been looting and plundering this nation over the last thirty years and now they are openly using the looted money to purchase the conscience of the public representatives. He also claimed that this is a crime against democracy and the nation.

The Prime Minister said God Almighty also ordains in Holy Quran to stand with the good and abhor the vice. He said the nation should made it clear to those purchasing the conscience of parliamentarians that they are against this act so that nobody could damage the democracy through horse trading.