Turkish company to produce modular water treatment plants in Kazakhstan

NUR-SULTAN (TCA) — The Turkish company Kutlar Muhendislik plans to produce modular treatment plants for drinking and non-drinking water in Kazakhstan’s Turkestan region, Kazakh Invest national investment promotion company reported.

Regional Director of Kazakh Invest in Turkestan region Dauletkozha Mamyrov said that with the assistance of the national company, the investors have delivered part of the necessary equipment and set to work.

“Our Turkish partners started work by main equipment installation for metal cutting and assembling modular stations. Moreover, several samples of filters and automated installations have been brought. By the end of next year, the company plans to establish a full line production of modular drinking water treatment plants in Kazakhstan with a local content later,” he added.

After completion of all works and production commencement, the investment amount in the project will be about $1.5 million and will create about 40 workplaces. The systems at the plant are equipped with the latest technology and have a number of advantages over traditional types of water treatment plants.

“If we compare modular water treatment plants to classic treatment plants, the first one requires about 1/5 less installation space. The procedure for removing impurities and water purification is fully automated and has a lower cost compared to traditional ones,” said Mr. Kenan Kutlar, founder of Kutlar Muhendislik.

According to experts, the system completely eliminates turbidity, odor, taste, suspended solids, and removes impurities of iron, manganese and other elements. Water quality control is carried out by special devices and sampling at the inlet and outlet of the liquid. The unit can purify up to 20 thousand cubic meters of water per day enough for consumption by up to 100 thousand people.