European Air Safety Agency rejects PIA appeal

The European Air Safety Agency (EASA) has rejected the appeal of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA).

As per details, it was decided to maintain the ban on PIA flights till December 31 and at the same time threatened that the ban could be extended if they are not satisfied with the safety measures of Pakistan Civil Aviation.

However, the extension in the ban is conditional on Pakistan’s civil aviation measures.

On July 1, the European Air Safety Agency (EASA) issued a six-month ban on all PIA flights to Europe. The United Kingdom and the USA followed suit imposing a ban on all PIA flights.

The ban comes in the aftermath of an inquiry report regarding the crash of PIA flight 8303, operated by Airbus A320. In June, Aviation Minister Ghulam Sarwar stated that 260 of 860 Pakistani pilots, including 141 PIA pilots, never sat for the exams and that their licenses were fake.

PIA operated regular flights to various destinations in the UK and Europe before the ban was placed. The week before the ban the national airline operated 23 flights to the UK, including ten flights to London, nine to Manchester, and four to Birmingham, whereas six flights went to different destinations in Europe.