PTI govt removed through foreign conspiracy: Imran Khan

ISLAMABAD (PEN) – Former prime minister and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan while again demanding an open hearing by forming a commission on the lettergate issue said that the PTI government was removed through foreign conspiracy.

In his video message on the social networking site Twitter, Imran Khan said, “I put the message before the Pakistani nation, the Chief Justice, the Speaker, the President and the National Security Council. “I told everyone that there was an outside conspiracy against the Pakistani government and democracy,” he said and adding “I had also told everyone that our Mir Jafar and Mir Sadiq had been involved in this conspiracy.”

The PTI chairman shared a footage in which US defence analyst Rebecca Grant during an interview said that her country had played a role in ousting PTI Chairman Imran Khan through the vote of the no-confidence motion.

Grant said, “Pakistan will have to support Ukraine, stop making deals with Russia, cut ties with China and end anti-US policies.”

She further confessed that this is the reason that Imran Khan was ousted a couple of weeks ago through the no-confidence motion because Pakistan didn t listen.

The US defence analyst further said, “Now a time came that Pakistan should end Anti American policies, and cut relations with Russia.”

“If anyone had any doubts abt US regime change conspiracy this video should remove all doubts as to why a democratically elected PM & his govt were removed. Clearly the US wants an obedient puppet as PM who will not allow Pak choice of neutrality in a European war,” Imran Khan wrote on his Twitter handle.

He said, “After this reaffirmation of US regime change conspiracy that was evident from the cipher message sent by our Envoy in Washington conveying State Dept Lu s threat, it is surely duty of CJP to form Commission to hold public hearings on who all were involved here in this conspiracy.”

Imran Khan said that 80,000 of our people were killed in the war on terror and 400 drone strikes were also carried out, adding that he wrote a letter to the Chief Justice and the President in this regard that this conspiracy must be investigated and if not investigated, no future PM will protect the interests of his country.

In another Tweet, the PTI chairman asked Biden administration as to what actually they gained after removing a democratically-elected PM of Pakistan?

“My question for the Biden Administration: By indulging in a regime change conspiracy to remove a democratically elected PM of a country of over 220 mn people to bring in a puppet PM, do you think you have lessened or increased anti-American sentiment in Pakistan?” asked Imran Khan.