Sindh govt will not share administrative powers with anyone, says Murad

(Karachi) Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah has said the administrative powers of the province will not be shared with anyone.

Addressing a press conference on Monday, he said some elements are making statements about trampling the Constitution but that is not possible. “Such discussions hurt the sentiments of the people of the province. These tactics are aimed to divert attention from other issues,” he remarked.

“We made efforts to improve the infrastructure in Karachi. The situation is not good, but crises have emerged in other cities too,” he said.

Regarding coronavirus outbreak, the CM claimed that the virus has been contained to an extent but has not been completely eliminated. “Infections are appearing now in areas which had not reported any in months,” Murad stated.

“Sindh is our mother. Whoever talks about dividing it into pieces, we will all stand against them. When I did a speech in Sindh Assembly and asked people supporting this to stand up, a few people kept sitting. These are the people whom I will not call enemies of Sindh but enemies of Pakistan.”

He said anyone with any misconception needed to understand that Sindh’s executive powers will not be shared with anyone under any condition.

The chief minister also requested the media to not propagate such ideas either because he said it “causes sadness to the people of Sindh”.