Simon Cowell is ‘able to walk quite a lot’ after successful surgery

After pushing through major back surgery, Simon Cowell has been kicking back and relaxing at his Malibu home according to a number of unnamed sources.

Reportedly America’s Got Talent star was only recently discharged yet is already “walking around” and spending his time “back home with his family in the fresh sea air.”

A source close to People magazine claims, “He’s been doing some work already this week but he also knows he needs to give his back time to heal properly from the surgery.”

“He’s been able to walk quite a lot and quicker than the experts had expected him to do after this type of major surgery, which is a great sign for the healing coming along well.”

In lieu of his hospital recommended R&R, Simon has decided to step down from all work obligations and his industry associates will be taking over all ongoing projects until further notice.