The Shenzhen Initiative on the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Youth Technology and Innovation Forum

On June 1, 2022, the Good-Neighborliness, Friendship and Cooperation Commission of Shanghai Cooperation Organization (GNFCC SCO), the All-China Youth Federation, and the Guangdong Provincial People’s Government jointly held the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO)Youth Technology and Innovation Forum in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province. Under the theme of “Youth Building Dreams of Technology, Innovation Leading the Future”, observers, leaders and dialogue partners from SCO member states and young scientists, young entrepreneurs, and representatives of youth organizations conducted in-depth exchanges on such topics as youth innovation cooperation, health, digital economy development, artificial intelligence, green development, poverty reduction cooperation and rural development, and built consensus on carrying forward the Shanghai Spirit, strengthening exchanges, dialogue, and mutual learning, and forging a closer SCO community with a shared future in a bid to make even greater contributions to world peace and common prosperity.

The Forum agrees that since its inception, the SCO has always upheld the Shanghai Spirit, committed itself to the cause of world peace and development and human progress, carried out important theoretical and practical explorations for building a new type of international relations and a community with a shared future, and created a new cooperation model featuring solidarity, inclusiveness and mutual learning for countries with different social systems and development paths.

The Forum holds that profound changes unseen in a century are picking up pace, and the COVID-19 pandemic has had a wide-ranging and far-reaching impact, which brought about severe challenges to the world economic recovery. On the road of solidarity and cooperation, commitment to common security, openness and inclusiveness, drawing on each other’s strengths, and fairness and justice, the SCO member states have jointly explored ways and means to solve major global issues, responded to the challenge of the times and promoted the lofty cause of human peace and development.

The Forum advocates that the future belongs to the young people and hopes are pinned on them. It is necessary to pool their strength, stimulate their vitality, encourage them to give play to their bold and pioneering spirit, ride on the waves of the times, serve as bridges and ties of friendship and solidarity, and help carry forward such friendship from generation to generation. It is necessary to give full play to their unique role in international exchanges and cooperation and enable them to make due contributions to improving global governance and solving development problems.

The Forum believes that in face of the pandemic and major changes both unseen in a century, it is even more necessary to strengthen the scientific and technological opening and cooperation among countries, understand the development trends of cutting-edge technologies and industries, discuss global innovation rules and innovation governance, share global innovation ideas and development concepts, and jointly explore for ways to tackle global problems in health and green development through sci-tech innovation.

The Forum unanimously agrees that young people from different countries should take the forum as an opportunity to deepen friendly exchanges in the fields of innovation cooperation, innovation education, talent training, agricultural development, rural poverty reduction, international health cooperation, information infrastructure construction, sustainable development, etc., thereby making SCO’s contribution to regional development and prosperity.

The Forum proposes further deepening the cooperation between Guangdong Province and the SCO countries in terms of youth sci-tech innovation and green and low-carbon development.

This Forum has built consensus and achieved fruitful results. It calls on countries to further enhance good-neighborliness and friendship, deepen mutually-beneficial cooperation, and form an all-round, in-depth, multi-channel and wide-ranging cooperation mechanism. In the post-pandemic era, let us sail forward in the same boat, with unity as the sail and cooperation as the oar, joining hands in meeting challenges and ushering in a brighter future!