6,666MW power shortfall causes hours-long outages across country

ISLAMABAD (PEN) – The electricity shortfall in the country has reached upto 6,666 MW with total power generation hovers around 21,234 MW, and total demand stands at 27,900 MW — necessitating prolonged power outages across the country.

According to the power division, at least 4,744 MW of electricity is being generated from water, whereas, the government’s thermal plants are generating 1,717 MW of electricity.

The total electricity generation by the private sector power plants is 12,303 MW, whereas, at least 1,961 MW of electricity is being generated from wind power plants and 110 MW from solar plants.

The bagasse-based power plants are generating 174 MW of electricity while the nuclear fuel-based power plants are generating 1,236 MW of electricity.

Meanwhile, up to 14 hours of electricity load shedding is being carried out in different parts of the country.

Power load shedding is also being carried out for at least six to eight hours in Islamabad, whereas, the duration of load shedding is longer in areas with high losses.