Azerkhalcha carpet weaving company promotes achievements

Azerkhalcha hosts media tour to mark National Press Day

Azerkhalcha OJSC organized a media tour to a carpet workshop in Ismayilli on July 16.

Deputy chairman of the board of Azerkhalcha OJSC Emin Afandiyev, production director Alisafa Nuriyev as well as representatives of the country’s leading media outlets took part in the media tour timed to the National Press Day, celebrated annually on July 22.

During the media tour, journalists got acquainted with the workshop and were informed about the recent innovations.

Azerkhalcha weaves silk carpets

Taking into account the wishes and demands of tourists and local buyers, Azerkhalcha has produced the first ever silk carpets in its history.

Silk carpets are currently being woven in showrooms in Ismayilli, Kurdamir, Nardaran, Gabala, and Icharishahar (Old City).

Silk, which is the raw material of silk carpets, is obtained from Azaripak, the threads are dyed with special methods and natural dyes at Azarkhalcha. The cost of silk carpets is higher than that of wool carpets due to the high cost of raw materials and the longer and harder labor involved.

In addition to purchasing silk carpets from Azerkhalcha, it is possible to order silk versions of all types of carpets of any size. In the future, the institution envisages a wider production and sale of silk carpets.

Azerkhalcha OJSC continues to improve

Azerkhalcha OJSC continues to improve its work, many reforms are carried out for the well-being of the employees, the improvement of the quality of weaved carpets, and the increase in sales volume: unification of workshops and certification of weavers are underway.

Qualitative working conditions have been created for the work of 150 weavers and 14 administrative and household workers in all Azerkhalcha workshops. A vehicle has been allocated to ensure their comfort. However, the number of workers in some workshops is very low. In addition, some of the workshops are located in the same area, while the operation of one workshop is sufficient for that area.

In order to prevent additional costs, unnecessary wastages, and large monthly utility costs, reforms in the activities of workshops are being carried out, such as merging workshops located in the same area with fewer employees into larger ones. The merged workshops include Ismayilli 1 and Ismayilli 2 (now Ismayilli workshop).

Special buses have been reserved for the employees of the merged workshop to go to the other workshop. After the merger, the vacant workshop was handed over to the state.

The main goal of Azerkhalcha, which has a clear role in increasing employment in the regions, especially in attracting women to work, in all reforms is to increase the quality of production, stabilize sales, increase the welfare of employees, and turn Azerkhalcha OJSC into an institution that benefits the state.

Azerkhalcha strengthens its position in the foreign market, new sales points and cooperation: Brunei and Australia

Azerkhalcha OJSC continues to increase the number of sales points abroad in order to strengthen its position in both the domestic and foreign markets, increase the sales volume, and develop and open the carpet industry, Azerbaijani carpets to the world, and become a required part of the modern interior.

Recently, the company has opened an online sales point in one of the famous shopping malls in Brunei and in Australia for the use of carpet lovers.

Azerkhalcha accepts interesting orders from local and foreign customers

Azerkhalcha OJSC accepts orders of any kind from local, foreign, companies or individuals. The company is pleased to present the interesting order received from the guests from Saudi Arabia and the customer at the Ismayilli workshop.

The customer ordered the traditional Khilafshan carpet not in the usual colors, but in only four tones. Four carpets of 25 square meters and two small carpets are woven in Azerkhalcha’s Ismayilli and workshops. All orders will be completed by the end of September.