Mahira Khan’s ‘Mashaadi’ brings the message of courage for women

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ISLAMABAD (PEN) – Written by film producer, ad-film director and heartthrob Pakistani actor Sheheryar Munawar, the latest release of “Mashaadi” is a short film depicting the struggle against abuse women often face in our society.

Lighting up the screen with angelic appearance, “Bin Roye” actor Mahira Khan has led the role of a strong woman finally confronting the abuse along with taking up the strength and courage from her family to end all kind of stereotypical narratives which are often used to cover up the malicious acts of abuse against women.

According to the official Instagram post of Khan’s business venture Mashion, “Mashaadi” 2022 is a much-needed effort to bring up the most difficult issue in a simple yet powerful manner.

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“This year we are treading deeper and saying things that we at Mashion believe matters. Mashaadi, when the idea came about, we just wanted to have some fun, put out guides and information which were wedding related but, within the first year it evolved into something more than celebrating a wedding. It has become about celebrating choices, courage and life.”

“Here is to courage, here is to calling out abuse, here is to getting help and not being ashamed of it and more importantly to being there when someone reaches out for help. Here is Mashaadi 2022,” stated the post.

The project is directed by Sheheryar Munawar and features Mahira Khan, Behroz Sabzwari and Sikander Rizvi along with other co-stars.

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