Will tell SC how two PML-N MPAs took money, says interior minister

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Two lawmakers of the PML-N took money to switch allegiance ahead of the chief minister election in Punjab, claims the interior minister Rana Sanaullah.

Speaking to Media , Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah accused the PTI of spreading propaganda and alleged that the two rebel PML-N members of the Punjab assembly (MPAs), Mian Jaleel Ahmed Sharaqpuri and Ghayas ud Din, took Rs. 100 million each to switch party loyalties.

“They [the PTI] is lying that we are involved in horse-trading,” said Sanaullah, “If anyone sold their votes then it was only two MPAs of the PML-N, Jaleel Ahmed Sharaqpuri and Ghayas ud Din.”

Sanaullah further added that if the Supreme Court calls him to prove his allegation then he will tell the Court how the money was distributed and on whose direction.

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A day before the by-elections in Punjab on July 17, the disgruntled PML-N MPA Sharaqpuri submitted his resignation to the speaker of the Punjab assembly. Sharaqpuri is not expected to vote in the chief minister election for the province scheduled on Friday.

A few days before Sharaqpuri’s resignation, Faisal Niazi, another PMLN MPA, had also sent across his resignation letter. While, a third PML-N MPA, Ghayas ud Din, is reported to have filed his resignation too.

The minister said that another PML-N MPA, Ilyas Chinioti, was offered money as well, but he refused.

When asked by the hosts of the show if the PML-N regretted its decision to form government after a stunning defeat in the 20 by-elections in Punjab, he replied that no one forced the Pakistan Muslim League-N (PML-N) to form government, in fact, it did so on the request of its allies.

“No one else promised us anything,” he said, adding that one decision his party did regret was awarding tickets to the unseated 20 PTI MPAs in the by-polls.

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