Sheikh Rashid terms Punjab’s situation as ‘greatest political instability’

LAHORE (PEN) – The former Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid on Sunday while terming the current situation in Punjab as the ‘greatest political instability’ explained that the Punjab Chief Ministership had taken oath twice in the span of 2.5 months and the third one is in preparation.

The Awami Muslim League Chief in his tweet called the present financial condition of the country as  the greatest economic crisis. He mentioned that dollar has increased by 20 rupees in a week and the Finance Minister Miftah Ismail has also increased the levy on LPG.

Rebuking the opposition leadership he added that they are now targeting the judiciary, which is the last hope for Pakistan.

He said that, “Fazlur Rehman and Asif Ali Zardari have lost their minds”.

Earlier, he criticized the former President Asif Zardari and former PM Nawaz Sharif saying that Zardari is a threat to the constitution and unity of the country. He said they are working on a foreign agenda and named Nawaz Sharif as an equal participant in this conspiracy.